Chapter 8

  • New President

    Thomas Jefferson was elected president
  • Judiciary Act

    The Judiciary Act is Repealed
  • Marbury cs. Madison

    the cheif justice John Marshall rules on Marbury vs. Madison
  • Lewis and clark

    Lewis and Clark begin exploring the northwest.
  • Jefferson

    Jefferson Elected to a second term
  • Burr

    Burr is tried for conspiracy
  • Embargo Act

    The Embargo act is Passed
  • Slave Treade

    the Slave trade is ended
  • New President

    Madison is Elected as President
  • Embarga Repealed

    As the embargo is Repealed The Non-Intercourse act is passed
  • Indians defeated

    Harrison defeats Indians at Tippecanoe
  • WAR

    Declaration of war against Britain
    War of 1812.
  • Battle of New Orleans

    Jackson routs British at battle of New Orleans.