• Period: to

    the nation at war

  • hay paunceforte treaty

    with great britain empowers u.s. to build isthmian canal
  • roosevelt corollary

    theodore rooswevelt introduces corollary to monroe doctrine
  • start of russo japanese war

    is somewhat important in relation to wwI
  • end of russo japanese war

    was somewaht significant
  • taft katsura agreement

    recognizes japanese power in korea
  • root takahira agreement

    vows to maintain status quo in the pacific
  • revolution in mexico

    it was somwhat quelled by the u.s.
  • war treaties

    bryan negotiates cooling off treaties to end the war
  • world war I

  • u.s. marines take veracruz

  • panama canal completed

  • japan issues 21 demands to china

  • germany declares water around british isles a war zone

  • lusitania torpedoed

  • bryan resigns

    robert lansing becomes secratary of state
  • arabic pledge

    restricts submarine war fare
  • sussex pledge

    germany isued restricting sub warfare further
  • expedition into mexico

    lead by john j pershing to sieze pancho villa
  • wilson wins re-election

  • peace without victory

    called for by wilson
  • germany resumes unrestricted u boat warfare

  • u.s. enters wwI

  • first americans reach france

  • wilson outlines 14 points for peace

  • armistice ends the war

  • peace negotiations in paris

  • treaty of versailles defeated in senate

  • the election of 1920

    harding the republican candidate won out of cox and debs