Ch 24 Timeline

  • Hay-Paucefote Treaty

    Hay-Paucefote Treaty
    The U.S. and U.K. sign the Hay-Pauncefote treaty that allows the U.S. to build a Isthmian Canal in Latin America to unite the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.
  • Hay-Banau-Varilla Treaty

    Hay-Banau-Varilla Treaty
    The U.S. and Panama agree to the terms of the Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty. The U.S. is granted a 10 mile canal zone in exchnage for a payment of $10 million dollars and an anual rental fee of $250,000.
  • Roosevelt Corollary

    Roosevelt Corollary
    Roosevelt delivers the Roosevlet Corollary, which promotes American intervention in Latin American countries that default on their debts to European nations.
  • Dollar Diplomacy

    Dollar Diplomacy
    Taft convinces American bankers to assume the Honduran debt in order to fend off English bondholders. Other such deals were constructed to keep out European investment in the Americas.
  • Mexican President Overthrown

    Mexican President Overthrown
    Forfirio Diaz, president of Mexico, is overthrown in the Mexican Revolution is later replaced by Francisco I. Madero.
  • Mexcian Presidnet Ousted

    Mexcian Presidnet Ousted
    President Madero is ousted by Gerneral Victoriano Huerta, thrown in jail and later executed.
  • Wilson and moral diplomacy

    Wilson and moral diplomacy
    Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan is sent off to negotiate cooling off treaties with several nations. These treaties would later prove unsuccessful.
  • Archduke Assinated

    Archduke Assinated
    Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austria-Hungry thrown, is assinated by a Bosnian assasin linked to the country of Serbia.
  • WWI

    World War I begins, the Central Powers of Germany, Turkey, Austria-Hungry begin fighting the Allied Powers, England, France and Russia.
  • Sinking of Lusitania

    Sinking of Lusitania
    German U-Boats sink the RMS Lusitania, this action strains German-U.S. relations.
  • Sinking of Sussex

    Sinking of Sussex
    The ferry Sussex is sunk by German U-Boats, this prompts President Wilson to take action in German affairs.
  • Sussex

    The Germans, in order to avoid war, sign the Sussex pledge wcich promises that only enemy vessels would be attacked. The plegede pleases Wilson, but creates a likely hood that future attacks wuold lead to war.
  • Election of 1916

    Election of 1916
    Woodrow Wilson successfuly enters his second term after an initial upset that sweeped the east coast making it appear as if Hughes had won. Votes from the west coast were able to grant Wilson the presidency becuase of his "He Kept Us Out of War" campaign.
  • Zimmerman Telegram

    Zimmerman Telegram
    The Zimmerman Telegram is intercepted by English inteligence forces and handed over to Presidnet Wilson, the President then divulged the contents of the telegram to the U.S. Congress, leading to America's entrance to WWI.
  • American Enters WWI

    American Enters WWI
    Wilson called Congress into a special session on April 2 in order to declare war on Germany. The vote passed four days later withg fifty members of the House and six Senators voting against war.
  • Selective Servie Act enacted

    Selective Servie Act enacted
    The Selective Service Act pases through Congress, creating America's new conscription policy requiring all men between the ages of 21 and 30 to register for the draft.
  • Wilson delivers the Fourteen Point to Congress

    Wilson delivers the Fourteen Point to Congress
    Wilson presents the Fourteen points plan to the U.S. Congress. It outlines an idealsitic plan of self-determination and European cooperation. It is apposed by many members of Congress.
  • WWI Ends

    WWI Ends
    Germany and her allies enter an armistice with the Allied nation after the defeat of the German forces on the Western front.
  • Paris Peace Conference Begins

    Paris Peace Conference Begins
    The Allied and Central Powers enter into treaty negotiations in Paris, France. Wilson continues to advocate his Fourteen points while the Allies advocate a policy German constriction.
  • Treaty of Versailles is Signed

    The Treaty of Versailles is singed in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles. The treaty forces Germany to restrict the size of its armament and to pay war reperations. It also calls for the creation of a League of Nations.