• Second National Women's Rights Convention

    I included this into my timeline because I think that this is a major event in women's suffrage history.
  • The Revolution is published

    It was published by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and Parker Pillsbury and I think that it is important because I think that it also encouraged suffragists to speak out just like th Woman's Journal.
  • The American Woman Suffrage Association is formed by Lucy Stone

    I put this in my timeline because I believe that when this organization was formed it reached out to women who did not know about suffrage.
  • The Woman's Journal debuts

    This was edited by Lucy Stone, Henry Blackwell, and Mary Livermore and I included it in my timeline because I think that this influenced more women to become suffragists.
  • Susan B. Anthony is arrested in New York.

    She was arrested for casting a ballot with 15 other women.
  • Susan B. Anthony is tried for voting illegally

    She had to pay $100 dollars but she refused to pay and I included this in my timeline because I think that this action encouraged suffragists to stand unwavering.
  • The NAWSA is founded

    The NAWSA was actually a merge of the AWSA and the NWSA.
  • The Woman Suffrage Party is founded.

    I put this in my timeline because I think that when this happened more women felt compelled to support suffragists.
  • The National Woman's Party is founded

    It was founded by Alice Paul and Lucy Burns.
  • Largest suffragist parade is held

    The parade went down 5th Avenue Ney York City.
  • National Woman's Party pickets appear in front of the White House

    These women were holding up two banners that said "Mr. President, What Will You Do For Woman Suffrage?" and the other one said "How Long Must Women Wait For Liberty?"
  • The first woman elected to Congress

    The womens name was Jeannette Rankin and I included this in my timeline because I think that is when the suffragists gained the upper hand.
  • The arrests of the National Woman's Party pickets

    Some of these members were blocking traffic for suffrage which I think is kind of dumb.
  • Carrie Chapman Catt proposes the formation of a league of women voters

    She gathered these women so they could "finish the fight".
  • The Senate passes the 19th Amendment

    The amendment passed just by two votes.