My Life: A Brief Moment in Time

  • My Birthday

    Weight 6lbs 9oz 21.75inches
  • Weight 6lbs 9oz Length: 21.75 inches long

  • Home From Hospital

  • Rolled over

  • Begin to sit up on my own

  • Begin crawling (approx)

  • Could drink out of a cup

  • Starting walking

  • Continued my exploring and learning

  • Could run and walk

  • Started separation and stranger weariness stage

  • Starting talking with one or two words

  • Temper issues became more evident

  • In 90th percentile for height

  • Period: to

    Coloring, reading, writing, climbing tree's, gymnastics, skating, biking

  • Period: to

    Social delayment/awkwardness

  • Period: to

    Advanced writing and reading classes

  • Period: to

    My years of being bullied

  • Started monthly cycles

  • Cousin committed suicide

  • Became interested in boys

  • 1st sexual encounter

  • Oldest son born

  • Second son born

  • Graduated from High School

  • Moved out and got 1st apartment

  • Attended Ross Technical Institute

  • Graduated from Ross Technical Institute

  • Met my significant other

  • Entered workforce, working at InterFirst

  • Had my third child

  • Had my fourth and final child!

  • Period: to

    Suffered from ongoing depression and anxiety

  • Laid off due to mortgage crisis

  • Decided to go back to school to pursue Psychology degree

  • Oldest son graduated from high school

  • Started on track to a healthy lifestyle

  • Will have obtained my bachelors, masters and PsyD in Clinical Psychology

  • First grandchild born!

  • Ailing father will move in with me

  • I will retire at age 67

  • Will die peacefully of natural causes in my surrounded by loved ones