The Internet

By damacca
  • Sputnik

    Launch of the USSR satalite Sputnik
  • Arpa

    ARPA formed (Advanced Research Projects Agency)
  • Network Order

    US Airforce ordered the creation of a network capable of surviving a nuclear atack.

    ARPANET created with a network between University of California at Santa Barbara, and University of Utah, University of California at Los Angeles, and Stanford Research Institute.
  • e-mail

    First e-mail program written.
  • TCP/IP

    Development starts on TCP/IP by ARPA, used to allow different networks to connect.
  • IP address

    The IP address was first used, as a place to direct information.
  • Domain Names

    Domain names invented, the URLs we use, as a place to direct packets. Servers converted the names into IP addresses.
  • World Wide Web

    The world wide web was released as a means to access pages of information that are contained on severs.
  • Internet2

    Internet2 experimentation commenced.
  • Google

    Google launched.
  • Google Milestone

    Google reaches 1 billion URLs and are deemed world’s largest search engine.
  • Users Milestone

    1 Billion Internet users.