Alive in the death zone - Mount Everest Climb 1984

By riley
  • Period: to

    my first everest climb

  • Arrival

    Lincoln & his team flew from Sydney to Hong Kong by plane.They then travelled from Hong Kong to Beijing by train. After they went to Chengdu first & then Tibet by plane again.
  • Setting up Base Camp

    Setting up Base Camp
    They setted up their Base Camp for their 10 week expedition ( at 5200 metres ). They were still 20 kilometres from the North face.
  • Preparing for the climb

    Preparing for the climb
    The officials representing the chinese mountaineering association organised everything for them, & waited in the base camp area.
  • ABC

    The chinese mountaineering association had given them perimission to climb,then to set up there Advance Base Camp (also known as ABC)
  • Camp One

  • Avalanche

    They were ready to put up camp one when a very large avalanche had tumbled down the mountain and swept into the valley so it was far too dangerous to put camp one any closer.
  • Avalanche 2

    Licoln was just digging a snow cave when a large avalanche had roared over him.He crawled into the snow cave he had just dug and he was convinced he would be buried alive.Tim and Greg were still climbing the mountain expecting to be swept away by the avalanche but luckily the rope stayed fixed and they all survived.Lincoln was lucky that the snow cave was not damaged.
  • Tim, Greg, Andy, and Lincoln

    Tim & Greg were the first Australians to reach the summit.
    Andy & Lincoln were forced to go back
  • Leaving base camp

    Lincoln & his team drove away from base camp tthrilled about the adventure thay had.