Causes of the Civil War Millner Balagtas

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    Causes of the Civil War

  • Missouri Compromise

    Missouri Compromise
    Henry Clay had an idea for a compromise to let Maine join as a free state and Missouri join as a slave state. So the numbers would still be even. The North and South didn't want to upset the balance because they were afraid that whoever had another state would have too much power in Congress. All of the Slave states 36 degrees and 30’ North latitude would be free.
  • Nat Turners Rebellion

    Nat Turners Rebellion
    Nat Turner and a group of slaves went to different plantations killing as many white people as they could. They killed 57 whites, most of them were children. A few weeks later they killed innocent blacks who had nothing to do with this. Turner escaped capture for months and someone finally found him hiding in a swamp on October 30, 1831. He got hung November 11.
  • The Compromise of 1850

    The Compromise of 1850
    Henry Clay had another compromise to let California in as a free state.Texas and New Mexico prohibited slave trade in Washington D.C. They didn’t know whether to allow slavery in the new territories or not. People that wanted slavery and people that were against slavery argued over this.
  • Kansas Nebraska Act

    Kansas Nebraska Act
    Stephen A. Douglas suggested dividing the region into two territories. The North was called Nebraska Territory and the South was called Kansas Territory. Each Territory could decide whether to allow slavery or not.
  • Dred Scott Decision

    Dred Scott Decision
    Dred Scott was a slave who sued the Supreme Court for his freedom in 1856. His lawyer argued that he and his wife were slaves and they lived in Illinois Territory.Slavery was illegal there, he was given permission for their freedom. Chief Justice Roger Taney said Dred Scott and his wife were not allowed to bring a lawsuit on the Supreme Court because they were not official citizens of the US seven out of nine justices agreed with him, the court says that Slaves had no rights, and no fredoom.
  • John Brown Rebellion

    John Brown Rebellion
    John Brown and his 5 sons murdered five slavery supporters and survived a mob attacking Missourians. John and his sons launched an attack against the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia. They took down the arsenal easily. John Brown was finally hung at Charleston, Virginia December 2, 1859.
  • Election of 1860

    Election of 1860
    Abraham Lincoln won the election without 9 southern states voting for him because the northern states had more electoral value. He won the three highest value states in the north. The results ended up in Civil War. South Carolina made a Declaration of Secession from the U.S.
  • Secession and Declaration of the Immediate Causes Which Induce and Justify the Secession of South Carolina from the Federal Union

    Secession and  Declaration of the Immediate Causes Which Induce and Justify the Secession of South Carolina from the Federal Union
    The seceding states formed the Confederate States of America.The states that left the Union formed the Confederate States which separated them more on the subject of the end of slavery.In the declaration, South Carolina demanded the U.S. Constitution gave a state the right to secede if the Federal Government failed to uphold its responsibilities to one state