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Kaiya's Computer History

By kaiya
  • 300


    Inventor unknown.Built to count things. Counts Things. Most famous is made by the Chinese
  • Difference Engine

    Difference Engine
    Made by Charles Babbage. Solves Polynomials. A large metal rectangular prism.
  • Atanasoff Berry Computer

    Atanasoff Berry Computer
    Built by Professor John Atanasoff and Clifford Berry. Was able to: solve arithmetic, do parallel processing, regenerative memory, and a separation of memory and computing functions
  • Z3

    By Konrad Zuse. was called the first modern computer, Durinf WWII.1,800 relays for memory, 600 for computing, and 200 for input-output

    The first digital computer .Calculates artillery firing tables. First use was in calculations for the hydrogen bomb. ENIAC stands for Electronic Numerical Integrator Analyzor and Computer. Made by University of Pennsylvania
  • SSEM

    Called " The Baby" .Built at the University of Manchester.It was the first machine that had all the components now classically regarded as characteristic of the basic computer. Most importantly it was the first computer that could store not only data but any user program in electronic memory and process it at electronic speed.
  • Transistor Computer

    Transistor Computer
    November 1953
  • IBM 1620

    IBM 1620
    After 2000 productions, it was withdrawn.Being variable word length decimal, as opposed to fixed-word-length pure binary, made it an especially attractive first computer to learn on — and hundreds of thousands of students had their first experiences with a computer on the IBM 1620. Built by IBM computer company
  • Packard Bell PB250

    Packard Bell PB250
    Cost over $50,000. was smalll and took little power. Built by Acer computer company. Was a small version of a regular computer, doing all the things it did.
  • Sphere 1

    Sphere 1
    A general-purpose computer whose size, capabilities, and original sales price make it useful for individuals, and which is intended to be operated directly by an end user with no intervening computer operator. Made by computer pioneer Michael D. Wise (1949–2002)
  • Apple 1

    Apple 1
    Built by Apple company.Designed by Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, and Ron Wayne. A built in Video Terminal. no RAM, because it was expensive.April 1976
  • Osbourne 1

    Osbourne 1
    5 inches (13 cm) display screen. Built by Osbourne computer company. It bundled software
  • The Amiga 1000

    The Amiga 1000
    Called the 7th greatest PC
  • Present day

    Very modern.
  • Future Computers

    Future Computers
    Made by Apple, Acer, HP, and many others. They will have projectors, and virtual keyboards. Touch screens are standard in every computer. They will not be expensive, because everyone will have one. This is only part of what I expect from future computers!