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mylife dylan

  • i was born

    I was born on the 8 of september 1998.
  • Period: to

    mylife dylan

  • i turned 1

    On this year at this special time I turned 1 year old.
  • Broken nose

    I had already broken my nose 3 times and have now broken my nose 4 times.
  • I turned 4

    on this special day I turned 4 and this is all that I will be writing on my age.
  • started school (preschool)

    I was 4 and I went to preschool now and I was probably very exited about preschool.
  • Started prep at St. A's

    After i had finished prep i upgraded to prep at the school that im at now called St A's.
  • Term 1 finished

    At the end of 1 term I went on my holiday and I went to melbourne and visited my friends and family.
  • End of school

    On this day I had finished my first year at primary school
  • cant remember

    cant remember until year 3
  • I started year 3

    On this day I started year 3 and was very exited
  • I went on my holiday to bali

    On this holiday I went to Bali for the 1st time ever.
  • start of a terrible year

    On thios year I was in year 4 and I broke my arm in 4 places and Broke my nose
  • School finished

    On this holiday I went to a place called Bermergui and on this holiday I broke my arm
  • Year 5

    On this year I went to the class that I was in and I had a new teacher called mrs. macalousci and she was a pretty cool teacher with her good and bad sides just like every one.
  • End of the year

    At the end of the year Mrs. micalouski left the school and went to ccw and i was told that i would be in Mr Lambs class.
  • Year six now

    we have had a couple of new people to the school and we are now focusing on the new topic of electronics and the commonwealth games in delhi