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Isaac Newton

  • Isaac Newton was born.

    Isaac Newton was born.
    Isaac Newton was born in a town called Woolsthorpe. Woolsthorpe is north of London.
  • Period: to

    Isaac Newton's lifetime

  • Grade School

    Grade School
    In June of 1661 Isaac Newton attended Grantham- The Kings School. He went here until his mother pulled him out to make him a farmer. He didn't like farming. Then after this, a fellow school mate came to Newton and asked him to come back to The Kings School. He went back, and was the highest student. His name can still be seen on a library stool.
  • Trinity College

    Trinity College
    Newton was attening Trinity College in Cambridge in 1661. He was what is called a sizar. This is when a student is on a work-study job. They would pay for a portion of his education at this school if he helped keep it up.
  • Discovers Binomial Therom

    Discovers Binomial Therom
    Newton was not the first to describe a formula for binomial expansions, or multiplying out any expression of the form (a + b)n.
  • Optics

    In this time Newton began to start sharing his knowlege of optics. Including, the spectrum and prisims. He invented the reflecting telescope.
  • Reflecting Telescope

    Reflecting Telescope
    This is when he was asked to show his reflecting telescope to the public. When Henry Hooke critisized his work, he was so offended that he withdrew his telescope.
  • Gravity

    In this time, Newton began to study the feild of gravity and mechanics on how the Earth turned with the other planets. He published the results on his experiments.
  • Religious Views

    Religious Views
    In the 1690's, Newton began his work on his literal interpretation on the Bible.
  • Isacc Newton Dies

    Isacc Newton Dies
    Isacc Newton died of old age in 1727 in his sleep. After death, large amounts of Mercury were found in his body. This could explain his death and or his behavior at the end of his life.