my life

By paytonh
  • Born

    i was born
  • Period: to

    My life

  • Started Preschool

    at Weslyn Kiddie College
  • Started School

    At Wright City Elementary
  • Started Gymnastics

    At Stacey's Gymnastics
  • Dog died

    My dog Nitro Died he was a black lab
  • Got a new cat

    His name is motor and he's white and an outside cat
  • Got New Dog

    Got a new Black Lab named Snoop
  • Grandpa Died

    Grandpa Will
  • Got a new dog

    His name is Sinder and he's a black lab
  • Got new kittens

    thier names are psycho and boots. psycho is a long haired orange tabby and boots is a short haired white and orange tabby