7D Historical Naratives: Visual Icons

By 7DMadi
  • Poem: Flanders Field

    Poem: Flanders Field
    This poem means a lot to people. This poem express the people that have died in the military.
  • Novel: Hunger Games

    Novel: Hunger Games
    This story explains what happens in the Hunger Games. It is worth reading and it is every interesting.
  • Other: We Are Marshall

    Other: We Are Marshall
    This was a very sad time in a small town when Marshall University lost players, coaches, supports, and family in a plane crash.
  • Arichit: Eiffel Tower

    Arichit: Eiffel Tower
    The most beautiful sight in Paris. This tower is also the tallest tower in Paris. It is 340 meter high.
  • Local: Paris

    Local: Paris
    Memerable in Paris: young/old love, high fashion, and wonderful sights to see.
  • Art: Mona Lisa

    Art: Mona Lisa
    This famous painting was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci. It took him from 1503-1519 (16 year). People who have seen this painting say her eyes follow you.
  • Song: Imagine

    Song: Imagine
    This song is a very peaceful song and means a lot to people.