7D Historical Naratives: Visual Icons

By 7DB
  • Jan 1, 1503

    Art: Mona Lisa

    Art: Mona Lisa
    The painting Mona Lisa is a very famous painting, and is the best known, most visited, the most writen about,and the most sung about work of art in the world.
  • Architect: Eiffel tower

    Architect: Eiffel tower
    The eiffel tower is 126 years old, it is one of frances best features and is the tallest structure in paris.
  • Poem: In Flanders Fields

    Poem: In Flanders Fields
    It is a war poem, written because John McCrae who was influenced by the death of his friend and fellow soldier Alexis Helmer who died in the second battle of Ypres. It was published on December 8th 1915.
  • Other: 9\11 Terrorist Attack

    Other: 9\11 Terrorist Attack
    9\11 is an important historical event because it has changed and influenced many lives. Many people were injured and killed in the twin towers terrorist attack, and life will never be the same in New York, New York.
  • Novel: The Hunger Games

    Novel: The Hunger Games
    The Hunger Games is an intriguing science fiction novel written by American author Suzanne Collins, meant for a audience of all ages and genders. It contains extreme creativity and suspense making it an award winning novel.
  • Locale: paris

    Locale: paris
    Paris is the city of love both young and old . It is a rememberal place and greats sights.
  • Song: When I Was Your Man

    Song: When I Was Your Man
    This pop single sung by Bruno Mars is a top of the charts hit in 11 different countries. It has touched many teenage girls hearts with its deep meaning and emotion.