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Kerr Through the Years

  • Period: to

    Principal: Patricia "Patsy" Hoover

  • Senior Stress Fest

    Senior Stress Fest
    The Class of 1996 holds the first Stress Fest to raise money for its prom. The festival features activities like a dunking booth, car bashing, and face paint. Image: <i>Kerronicle</i> archives, April 25, 1996
  • First graduating class

    First graduating class
    Kerr holds its very first graduation ceremony at the Little Theater at Elsik High School. The first senior class consists of 59 students. Image: <i>Kerronicle</i> archives, May 29, 1996
  • First Senior Parade

    First Senior Parade
    <b>“I was surprised that the principal (Patsy Hoover) allowed it because she was strict. She actually led the parade; she stood in front. When it first started, it was during the first two periods and it lasted until lunch. The next year, she refined it to one period only, and that became the tradition...It started from the idea of raising money for the senior class.”</b> —Jean Wu, librarian Photo credit: Nicole Flores, <i>Safari</i> yearbook archived photo
  • First "Smile 'n' Nod"

    “It started with Paul Shaffer and he wanted to do something different. Smile and Nod captured the spoof of the special things at Kerr. It started very early, he was our second theatre person. I remember there was a kid in my advisory that would represent the first custodian at Kerr, he would run around and pick up pieces of paper. So it was a total kid production.” —Toni Maness Richards
  • Tiger Classic Bowling League

    Tiger Classic Bowling League
    Greg McClendon starts coaching a bowling league at Emerald Bowl. The league picks up popularity during the school year, becoming a doubles league, split into varsity/junior varsity and boy/girl teams. Image: <i>Safari</i> yearbook archives
  • Period: to

    Principal: Patricia "Pat" McCutcheon

    Kerronicle throwback: "McCutcheon to retire, to focus on personal life," May 3, 2007
  • 10th Anniversary Reunion

    10th Anniversary Reunion
    Kerr celebrates its 10th anniversary. Story here. Image: <i>Safari</i> yearbook archives
  • Project Popstar

    Project Popstar
    Sophomore Sissy Holder becomes a finalist in Mathew Knowles's Project Popstar. Article here. Image: <i>Safari</i> yearbook archived photo
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Katrina drives some evacuees to Kerr. Article here.
  • Phase system returns

    <b>“We wanted something to reward the best kids at Kerr. We felt like the kids who did what they were supposed to do could use some extra perks.”</b> —Deborah Valdez, science teacher Article here.
  • Mullins Memorial Service

    Mullins Memorial Service
    Kerr holds its first and only memorial service for late social studies teacher Carin Mullins. Article here. Photo credit: <i>Kerronicle</i> archives
  • Kerr's Gates Millenium Scholar

    Senior Jazzmine Woodward becomes the first Kerr student to be awarded the prestigioius full-ride scholarship. Article here.
  • Period: to

    Principal: Raymond Lowery

    Kerronicle throwback: "Lowery named Principal," April 11, 2007
  • Period: to

    Principal: Gregory "Greg" Freeman

  • First Dunlap Day

    First Dunlap Day
    <b>“Student Council, one of their committees is for Teacher and Staff Appreciation and they looked for new ideas. They came up with [Dunlap Day] to give back to Mr. Dunlap all he gives back to them. He’s special.”</b>—Margaret Bancroft Photo credit: Durand Nguyen
  • First Kerr student accepted to West Point

    First Kerr student accepted to West Point
    Senior James Jittiwan becomes the first Kerr student accepted to the prestigious military academy, fulfilling a long-held dream. Article here. Image: <i>Safari</i> yearbook archived photo
  • Kerr named Blue Ribbon School

    Kerr named Blue Ribbon School
    Kerr becomes the first Alief school to be nominated and to win acknowledgement as a Blue Ribbon School. Article here.
  • Kolk named District Teacher of the Year

    Kolk named District Teacher of the Year
    Special Education teacher and interventionist Jan Kolk becomes the first Kerr teacher to win the title of Alief's Secondary Teacher of the Year. Article here. Photo credit: Tracy Lau
  • Cadre Kerr presents 'Avenue Q'

    Cadre Kerr presents 'Avenue Q'
    <b>"The music was incredibly hard, and the set was incredibly challenging, but to do a huge full-scale musical in such a small space and still have it be as successful as it was quite a feat.”</b> —Julie Ryan
    Article here. Photo credit: Sarah Bungay, <i>Satari</i> yearbook archived photo