My Holiday (Jedd)

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    My Holiday (Jedd)

    I am writting about what I am doing on my holidays
  • Got a friend over and i went to the footy.

    Had Harry over and went to collingwood Geelong Prilimanary Final.
  • Came Back from Melbourne and felt sick

  • Went shopping and spent my birthday money

  • Went to movies to see diary of a whimpy kid.

  • Went to henty field days with the kings (Charlie)

  • Watched AFL grand final DRAW.

  • Went to leisure centre with harry (Swimming)

  • Went to Hammas house (Annoyed the Girls)

  • Still at Hammas still annoyed the girls

  • Went to Echuca for basketball tournament.

  • Played semi final won played grand final lost home

  • Played three games of basketball lost 2 won 1