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The Endless Journey, a journey worth living.

  • The day it all began!!

    The day it all began!!
    I was born at USA hospital in Mobile at 12:05am. I was approximately 5 lbs and 5 oz.
  • Started school!

    Started school!
    I started school atJ.U. Blacksherin Uriah Al.
    That began a long process of learning! I attended the same school from K-12th grade.
  • My Accident

    My Accident
    I was in a car accident when I was ten years old and had to be south flighted to USA Medical Center, but as you can tell, everything is okay now!
  • Softball state playoffs

    Softball state playoffs
    I played softball in Highschool and we won our area tournement and substate, so we were able to participate in the 1A state playoffs. As a freshmen, I was able to start and play in every game.
  • C/O 2006

    C/O 2006
    Finally I graduated highschool, with tons of questions that every students asks "What's next?"
    (I had a very small class, we only walked with 17 students)
  • Grand Canyon!

    Grand Canyon!
    First time visiting the Grand Canyon!!!! I was actually touring many places out west during this time.

    This was my first time actually stopping here. It was absolutely amazing to be able to step across into another time zone!
  • Vegas!

    This was my first time visint Las Vegas. The ministry team that I was on did an outreach there. It was a very cool experience for a small town girl like myself!
    (This is a picture of me and a Johnny Depp impersinator)
  • Monterrey Mexico

    Monterrey Mexico
    This was my very first Missions trip and also my first time out of the country. I went to Monterrey Mexico. Both the people and the culture was absolutely amazing!
  • I started Master's Commission

    I started Master's Commission
    After going to a community college for a year, I decided to join a ministry program called Mobile Master's Commission. I was involved for two years and was able to share the love of God in many places.
    (This is a picture of my very first trip to Washington DC)
  • Headed to the Presiden't house!

    Headed to the Presiden't house!
    This was my very first time visiting Washington DC. It was such a beautiful place and it was great to see all of the monuments!
  • University of South Alabama

    University of South Alabama
    I began at the University of South Alabama as a sophmore after I graduated from Mobile Master's Commission.
  • Africa bound!

    Africa bound!
    First plane ride and first time to Africa!
    This was a missions trip to Kampala Uganda. It was an awesome and life-changing experience. Many lives were changed, including my own.
  • Finally declared my major!

    Finally declared my major!
    After much contemplation, I declared my major as secondary education: language arts.
    College of Education