• Jefferson Became president

    Thomas Jefferson became the president of the USA. When he became president it totally changed who controoled the government.
  • marbury Vs madison

    The supreme court listens to the cace of marbary Vs madison. It was about wether marbury should be a judge because madison wouldnt give them to him. A good example of judicial reveiw
  • louis and clark left

    louis and clark left on there famous expidition. They were sent off to try and find a waterway to the pacific which they didn't. they also were suposed to established a fur trade and collect scientific specimens
  • Hamilton dies in duel with Burr

    Hamilton died in a duel with burr because of there hatrid of each other. They dueled because burr thaught that hamilton defamed him and ruined his shot at presidency
  • louis and clark return

    louis and clark arrive in st.louis after there expidition
  • Banning of slave imports

    U.S congress banns the importation of slaves into the U.S. I think this is going to start the civil war
  • Embargo act

    The embargo act was sighned. The embargo act restricted ships from foriegn trade.