The French && Indian War

  • Conflict Begins To Rise

    British and French colonies begin growing rapidly in North America. France began conflict with Britian by colliding with British colonies. In the same year that the French began to create conflict, the French decided to build Fort Duquesne the Ohio River. British had granted that land for a group of wealthy planters angrying Virginia governor resulting in him senting militia to remove the French from the site. Bristish soon fights back.
  • The War Begins As British Strikes Back

    The War Begins As British Strikes Back
    It wasnt long before British struck back at the French. George Washington chad Fort Necessity builts 40 miles away from Fort Duquesne. In 1754, militia tackled a small group of French soliders. French soon counter attacked causing the French to quit and retreat. This episode of events was the cause of the fourth war between Britian and France; French and Indian War.
  • New France Is Established

    France began exploring North America in 1534. The explorer Jacques Cartier investigated along the St. Lawrence River. Because of this exploration by Samuel de Champlain, Quebec was soon founded and claimed by France by the explorer . By 1754, New France was created in North America with 70,000 people. The first exploration of North America by France, led to France establishing a colony.
  • King George II Takes Action

    King George II Takes Action
    Britains defeat cycle began. George Washington suffered defeat after defeat. King George II was strongly bothered by the loses of the British Army. He then selected brand new leaders for his government. William Pitt was one of the few leader selected. Under the control of William, British army soon began winning battle after battle. Iroquios Indians soon united with Britian, becoming allies, against the French.
  • Proclamation

    Native Americans were also on the losing end of this war. Britian claimed the Ohio River, causing Natives to begin to worry about survival because of British settlers crossing the Appalachian mountains. Because of the loss, Native Americans began capturing British forts along the Ohio Valley. British responded by infected Native Americans with small pox by giving blankets to Delaware chiefs. Small pox spreaded rapidly causing huge weakness for the Natives. Natives then began signing treates
  • Proclamation (Continued)

    with the British. British signed the Proclamation in 1763, which prevented any kind of settlement along the Appalachians to avoid any more problems with the Natives.
  • The French & Indian War Is Put To A Hault!

    After the huge triump over French's main city (Quebec), it led British to be victory of the war. The was was offically over in 1763. The Treaty of Paris was signed by the French and British and land was disputed. Britain was awarded all of North American, Florida, and east of the Mississippi River. Since Spain was allied with Britian, Spain recieved West Mississippi River lands an New Orleans. France controlled small islands near Newfoundland and West Indies.
  • Sugar Act Emerges

    Due to high expenses of war, British was in national debt. To make an attempt to lower the debt, King George III chose George Greenville for a financial expert. Greenville's accusations of smuggling goods in the country angered many merchants. in 1764, George had Parliament to pass the Sugar Act. The Sugar Act had three affects: it lowered the tax on molasses to try to prevent smuggling, placed duties on certain imports, and strengthened smuggling law enforcement.