The French & Indian War

  • Washington attacks French

    Washington attacks French
    George WAshington's militia attacked a small detachment of French soldiers in the Ohio Valley causing the French to swiftly counter attack the British and colonists.
  • French/British conflict reignited

    French/British conflict reignited
    With the French dividing the British claims in North America and the fact that Britain and France were rivials in the struggle to build a world empire, it led to reigniting the conflict.
  • Pontiac's Realization

    Pontiac's Realization
    Pontiac was the leader of the Ottawa tribe leader recognized that the since the French lost, so does the Native American tribes. The Native Americans negotiated treaties with Britain that same year.
  • Offical End to the War

    Offical End to the War
    The war offically ends. The Proclamation of 1763 takes effect which bans all settlements west of the Appalachians. Tensions also rise between Great Britain and Massachusetts.
  • Sugar Act

    Sugar Act
    Because of the large debt Great Britain faced, they began taxing the colonists. The Sugar Act included a halved duty on foreign-made molasses, placing duties on certain imports, and strengthening the law enforcement in the colonies. This led to the colonies and Britain disagreeing even more, increasing the tensions between them.