• Independence

    Gained independence from Ottoman Empire in 1919
  • KIng Amanullah

    KIng Amanullah wanted to end his countries isolation
  • Mohammad Zahir Shan

    Suceeded his father Nadir 1933
  • Sardar Mohammad Doude

    Served as Prime minister
  • New State

    Doude wanted to make a state in Pakistan and Afgahnistan which lead to his resignment
  • King Zahir Shan

    Established a two part legislature
  • PDPA

    Split country into two parts
  • Military seizal

    Prime Minister Doude seized control of military coupe
  • Constitution was abrogated

    the constitution was abrogated brcause it didn't live up to standards
  • Blood coupe

    This bloody coupe was the result of the Afgahns reuniting with the Russians
  • Dependence

    Afgahnistan dependent on Soviet help
  • Hafizullah Amin

    Hafizullah had been Prime Minister and Minster of defense had gained power from the Taraki
  • Break away

    Hafizullah decided to end the help from Russia and make his own descions
  • Soviet Invasion

    The Soviets in vaded Afgahnistan after they broke away from them
  • Soviet Withdrawl

    the Soviets were suppose to withdrawl
  • Mujahideen

    These poorly armed soliders were recieving help and training from the U.S. and others
  • Alliance

    Several militias formed an alliance to try and stop Soviet advancement
  • The Victory

    The alliances won Kabul back
  • Demise

    Karime Regime was terminated
  • Genva Accords

    The Geneva Accords told the Soviets to leave by 1989