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Evolution of Hardware

  • First Computer Hardware

    First Computer Hardware
    The Harvard Mark-1, one of the first working computers ever made, was completed. This computer was created and built by IBM using the idea of a Harvard professor named Howard Aiken. This hardware was big enough to fill up a room.
  • First RAM

    First RAM
    Sir Frederick Williams of Manchester University created the first RAM, which stands for random-access memory. This allowed for the storing and accessing of information.
  • First Computer Mouse

    First Computer Mouse
    Douglas Engelbart created the first computer mouse at the Standford Research Institute. It used two wheels to track movement.
  • First CD ROM

    First CD ROM
    James Russell created the first CD ROM in 1965.
  • First Laser Printer

    First Laser Printer
    Gary Starkweather created the first laser printer. The first commercial laser printer was the IBM 3800.
  • First Laptop Computer Designed

    First Laptop Computer Designed
    The first laptop computer was designed by Bill Mogridge. It was called the Grid Compass 1100.
  • First "Touch Sensor"

    First "Touch Sensor"
    The first "touch sensor" was created by Doctor Sam Hurst, a professor at the University of Kentucky.
  • First Ball Mouse

    First Ball Mouse
    The first ball mouse was invented. This mouse used a rolling ball under the mouse to track movement rather than wheels.
  • First Portable Computer

    First Portable Computer
    The first movable computer was created. It was called the IBM 5100 Portable Computer.
  • Today

    Computer hardware in 2010 is more compact and cheaper.