This Is ME : )

By ivory
  • How Much Does She Weigh

    I Was A Pound Away From Being A Premature Baby I Weighed 5 Pounds & 2 Ounces
  • Its A Girl : )

    Its A Girl : )
    In The 94th Year Of The 19th Century On The 10th Day Of The Third Month.............A Star Was Born*
  • Whats Her Name ???

    Whats Her Name ???
    I Got My Name Because When My Mom Found Out She Was Pregnant With Me She Continuously Had Dreams About Drowning In The Ocean Until One Day She Was Talking To My Grandmom And She Said If You Have A Baby Can You Name Her Ocean. And The Dreams Completely Stopped.
  • Period: to

    A Star Is Born'

  • OMG !

    My Mom Found Out That I Had A Whole In My Heart.
  • On The Move

    On The Move
    By The Time I Was 1 I Was Walking Talking Moving And Grooving
  • Perfect !

    Perfect !
    I Became Well At Walking & Talking
  • Ocean Goes To School

    Ocean Goes To School
    I Attended Little Angels Pre School'
  • First Thing Read

    Ice Cold Beer To Go !
  • Atl

    Moved To Atlanta Georgia
  • stone mountain park

    stone mountain park
    I Walked All The Way Up The Mountain
  • For Sisters Only

    For Sisters Only
    I Met Lloyd Omarion Ciara Etc.
  • Philly

    I Moved Back To Philly And Went To Wilson Where I Played Ball And Ran Track
  • Smh

    \Found Out I Was Bi-polar
  • Barak

    I Witnessed A Black President
  • ....

    8th Grade Is When I Decided "Love Wasnt For Me"
  • Fight

    I Got Jumped For The First Time And Beat All 5 Of The Girls Up Thought I Was Hard As Nails Ever Since.
  • Sad

    A Close Friend Of Mine Passed And I Began To Veiw Life Diffrently