20080314 sherlock holmes

Rachael Flatts Timeline on the Speckled Band

By perins
  • Moved into my sisters room

    Dr Roylot told me to move into my sisters room because of repares in mine, I can not see any work needing doing but I am not going to argue with my step father.
  • I left to go to Sherlock Homles' house

    I left early on 4th to go to Sherlock Homles on the way I traveled in a dog cart and by train.
  • I told Homles and Watson about the mystery around my sister death

    I asked for Holmes and Watson to help me uncover the murder of my twin sisters death 2 years before. Just before my sister was due to be married she started to hear strange whisiling sound. I told Holmes and Watson about my step father, Dr Roylott a strong, angry hot temper man. I was due to be married soon and Dr Roylott had told me I must move into my sisters room because of repares. We arange to meet at the manor where we life to have a look around the room.
  • Dr Roylott mets Holmes and Watson

    Later I learnt that Dr Roylott my step father had followed me into London and after I left the house, Dr Roylott came to Holmes' and Watson's house. He shouted about how he wanted them to stay away from me and the Mannor at Stoke Moran and stormed of.
  • I met Holmes and Watson at the Manor

    I met Holmes and Watson at the Manor. First Holmes examined the outside he found no route in. Next he wentt to my sisters room (he said that room was not important) In the room he found that the bed was stuck to the floor, there was a bell rope that didn't work and a ventilator that connected Dr Roylotts and Julia's (my sister's) room. Also there was a chimney but this was barred up so nothing could get in. Then in my step fathers room a saucer of milk.
  • Holmes and Watson spend the night in Julia's room

    Holmes and Watson spend the night in Julia's room while I slept in my room, this was all part of Holmes' plan to find the killer.
  • The killer is found and there is a death

    At around quatre to twelve I got awoken by Dr Roylott's screams, I was fasinated to see what had happened. I ran quickly in to Julia's room where I found out that it was a snake which killed my twin by going through the ventelator on my step fathers command. As Holmes hit the snake he had gone back up the rope through the ventelator and killed Dr Roylott.