1800 to 1809

  • Thomas Jefferson

    He was the third President of the United States. And he sent Lewis and Clark Expedition. And he stoped tensions with both Britain and France in which led to war with Britain in 1812,
  • Marbury v. Madison

    This case formed the basis for the exercise of judicial review in the United States under Article III of the US Constitution.
  • Lewis and Clark

    Lewis and Clark were the first expedition undertaken by the United States to go the Pacific coast and back. There expediston end in 1806
  • The Louisisna Purchase

    Jefferson sent James Monroe to France to get the louisiana purchase. He offered to sell all of the Louisiana Territory, Monroe took it and offered to pay $15 million.
  • Hatit Gaining Indepence

    Hatit gains indepence form France. was a period of brutal conflict in the French colony of Saint-Domingue, which was lead to the elimination of slavery
  • First Steam Road Locomotive

    The world's first railway journey was on Feb 21 1804 it took place as Trevithick's unnamed steam locomotive hauled a train along the tramway of the Penydarren Ironworks
  • The 12 Amendment

    Provides the United States Constitution to procedure by which the President and Vice President are elected
  • Vice Presidnet Aaron Burr arrested

    Vice Presidnet Aaron Burr arrested
    Vice President Aaron Burr was arested for treson in alabama He was trying to get parts of Alabama and Mexico to be a idependent republic.
  • Prohibits slaves

    Prohibits slaves
    . Congress passes an act that prohibits the importation of slaves into any port within the United States from any foreign land.
  • The Fur company

    The American Fur Company was incorporated by John jacob, And became the largest businesses in the country. It went out of business in 1842.