my life

By alix.c
  • birth

    was born at Scarborough Grace Hospital at 4 am
  • started playing basketball

    started playing basketball
    I always watched my brother play basketball and i decided to try it and i ended up liking it.
  • moved

    I moved from Maple and came to Richomnd Hill
  • started playing rep basketball

    started playing rep basketball
    I decided to go to a higher level in basketball. I started playing rep and i have been for 6 years now
  • letty young award

    letty young award
    shows leadershi,opimism ect
  • first day of high school

    first day of high school
    My first day in high school. I have nervous but i got used to it after a while and started liking it,
  • first job

    first job
    I got a job this summer at the summer intistue at Unionville Meadows
  • greece

    I went to greece for a month to visit family. It was my second time going there and i hope to go back.