world war 1

By stjohn
  • assassination of franz ferdinand

    assassination of franz ferdinand
    franz and his wife where assassinated by a member of the black hand while in a parade in bosnia.
  • austria- hungary declares war on serbia

    austria- hungary declares war on serbia
    austria-hungary declares war on serbia when a member of the black hand assassinates franz and they did not meet austria-hungary's demands.
  • germany invades belgium

     germany invades belgium
    germany invades belgium to outflank the french army.
  • Battle of Tannenburg

    Battle of Tannenburg
    the russian army is defeated by the germans. this ended on September 2nd
  • battle of rava russka

    battle of rava russka
    austria-hungary was defeated by russia. it took place near rava ruska or todays ukraine. russian army threw austria hungary back to the carpathian mountains.
  • first battle of the marne

    first battle of the marne
    allie won this battle, the german army lost against the french. this battle ended on the 12th day of September.
  • submarine warfare

    submarine warfare
    Germany begins submarine warfare against merchant vessels.
  • sinking of the lusitania

     sinking of the lusitania
    torpedo by german u-20 boat, sank the lusitania in 18 minutes killing 1198 people abord. contributed to the entry of the U.S in to ww1
  • south west africa

    south west africa
    The German forces in South-West Africa surrender.
  • battle of verdun

    battle of verdun
    the first war on western front, one of the most major battles of the war. ended in a french victory when germany failed to achieve there two strategic objectives. war resulted in a quater of a million deaths.
  • battle of jutland

     battle of jutland
    largest naval battle of ww1, german navy and british royal navy went at it, there was no winner.
  • Battle of somme

    Battle of somme
    bloodiest day in the history of british army, 19,000 of 57,000 british casualties died. german defensive victory wins.
  • US declares war

    US declares war
    after german submarines sink seven us merchants ships, wilson called war on germany.
  • USSR withdraws from the war

    USSR withdraws from the war
    USSR sighns a treaty withdrawing them from the war.
  • german spring offensive of 1918

    german spring offensive of 1918
    a series of german attacts along western front. marked the deepest advances by either side since 1914. german success!!!!
  • world war 1 ends

    world war 1 ends
    At 6 am, Germany signs the Armistice of Compiègne. End of fighting at 11 a.m.
  • official end of war

    official end of war
    First meeting of the League of Nations held in London. Official end of World War I.
  • treaty of trianon

    treaty of trianon
    it was a treaty between the allies and hingary. hungary lost 72% of its land and 64% of its population. lost five five of its ten most popular cities and the treaty came into affect on july 31, 1921.