World war 1

  • Franz Ferdinand Assasinated

    Franz Ferdinand Assasinated
    Franz and his wife were assainated while visiting bosnia by a terrorist group called "Black Hand" this event is considerred to be what started the whole war.
  • Austria-Hungary declares war on serbia

    Austria-Hungary declares war on serbia
    After the assantion of Franz Ferdinand, Austria Hungary got mad and declared war after Serbia failed to meet all the demands of Austria-Hungary.
  • Germany Invades Belgium

    Germany Invades Belgium
    Germany invades because France has an alliance with Serbia, because Geremany has an alliance with austria hungary
  • The battle of Tannenberg

    The battle of Tannenberg
    Russia is easily defeted by germany, Despite Greatly outnumberring the Germans, almost all of their second army was destroyed.
  • First battle of Marne

    First battle of Marne
    Allied Victory in stopping the German offensive that had almost reached Paris, marking the failure of the Schlieffen Plan.
  • Canada enters war

    Canada enters war
    Canada enters the war aiding the allies using their special forces and other units
  • Siege of Przemysl

    Siege of Przemysl
    One of the Greatest Sieges of WW1, this was a Russian offensive led to a victory over Austria-Hungary.
  • Christmas Truce

    Christmas Truce
    British and German troops have, an unofficial ceasefire for Christmas Day, fighting would resume anywhere from Christmas night in some areas to New Years.
  • Sinking of the Lustiana

    Sinking of the Lustiana
    Was a ship sunk by the germans taking 1198 lives belonging to the british. This gave some enthusiasm for the US to enter the war later on.
  • Battle of Verdun

    Battle of Verdun
    One of the bloodiest battles in WW1resulting a quarter of a million deaths on both sides. The French were able to defeat the Germans after taking some heavy losses.
  • Battle of Jutland

    Battle of Jutland
    Largest Naval Battle of WW1 between British and Germans, Both sides claimed victory, therefor there is no official victor.
  • Battle of Somme

    Battle of Somme
    One of the largest battles of WW1 resulting in 1.5 million Caualties, Between British, French, Indians, Newfoundlands, South Africans, New Zealands, Austrailians, Canadians and German. Results of the battle favored the Allies, although it is said the battle was won by neither
  • Woodrow Wilson Delivers speech

    Woodrow Wilson Delivers speech
    Wilson makes a speech saying america will go to war to restore peace.
  • USA enters WW1

    USA enters WW1
    USA declares war on germany after 7 merchant ships were sunk by submaraines
  • Seargent york

    Seargent york
    Alvin C. York one of the most decorated soliders of WW1 enters the war
  • USSR withdraws from war

    USSR withdraws from war
    Russia signs a peace treaty with central powers and loses land as part of the negotiations.
  • German Spring Offensive of 1918

    German Spring Offensive of 1918
    Germany attacks along the western front and marked the deepest advances of either side of the war this was a high victory for the axis
  • World war 1 ends

    World war 1 ends
    After many defeats for both sides, Treaties are signed and the War comes to an end.