Matt's Personal/Worldly Timeline

  • My Birth

    My Birth
    I was born in the morning, in a small hospital 12 years ago in Oxford, England. Now that I am in Canada people always say "wow" and "cool" because I was born in a foreign country.
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    My Personal/worldly Timeline

  • 911 plane crash

    911 plane crash
    Coordinated suicide attacks by Al-Queda happened on this date. Two planes were hijacked by this terrorist group, one hit the first of the twin towers and the other hit the second
  • Afghanistan war

    Afghanistan war
    This war was the response George Bush made not even a month after the 911 crash.This costed thousands of Canadian, Afghan,US,and British lives.
  • Iraq war

    Iraq war
    This war started because of the 911 attack but this was 6 years after the crash.This effected the world because of the deaths and the taxes these people have to spend to support the war.
  • First Time Playing Soccer

    First Time Playing Soccer
    This is important because no I aspire to be a pro soccer player. Also I get to hang out with my friends and play one of my favorite sports.
  • First Time Swimming A Race

    First Time Swimming A Race
    This is important to me because I am hooked on swimming and swim 6 hours a week. ( 2 hours per practice.) Also I can see my improvement last year I was a 1.43 100 breaststoke now I am a 1.33.
  • First Black President

    First Black President
    Barack Obama was elected as the 44th president but the first black president. This effected the world because it shows that any one can do anything.
  • The Final Move

    The Final Move
    Our family is moving for the last time. I'm mentioning this because my family has moved around from England,to New York, to Seattle, to peterborough, to Cobourg. and now we are in a home to stay.