My Timeline

  • I was born (Canada)

    I was born (Canada)
    This was a significant event because this is when my life actually started!
  • moved back to Canada

    moved back to Canada
    I lived in the Middle East from the age of 6 months until I was a year and a half. This was because my dad got a job there before I was born.
  • brother born

    brother born
    This event was significant because my brother was my first and only sibling.
  • moved houses

    moved houses
    I moved into a new house around the corner from the school. This was significant because it was the first time I had my own room. It also was the first time I lived close enough to the school to walk.
  • family trip to Mexico

    family trip to Mexico
    My family trip to Mexico was significant because it was the first tropical vacation since I was 3 years old.
  • trip alone to Texas

    trip alone to Texas
    Going to Texas alone was exciting because it made me feel like I was growing up and it was an experience that I had never had before.
  • dance scholarship

    dance scholarship
    Getting a dance scholarship was exciting because I had worked really hard for the first 2 years of my dance career to achieve this. I was one of the three students out of the 300 students in the entire school to get a scholarship!
  • grade 8 graduation

    grade 8 graduation
    It was exciting to graduate elementary school because it closed a chapter in my life and it was great to have the feeling of getting through 10 years of school successfully.