Film/Video Timeline

By mpogue
  • First Talking Film

    First Talking Film
    THE JAZZ SINGER: The first words ever spoken in a movie were, “Wait a minute, wait a minute. You ain’t heard nothin’ yet!”
  • First Television Broadcast

    First Television Broadcast
    The first television broadcasts. (UK.)
  • First TV Sitcom

    First TV Sitcom
    Mary Kay and Johnny. (had its 3 year anniversary 1 year before the premiere of I Love Lucy.)
  • First Political Debate

    First Political Debate
    In 1948, a radio debate was held in Oregon between Thomas E. Dewey and Harold Stassen, Republican primary candidates for president.
    KEX-ABC Radio Station
    Portland, OR
  • Launch of Pay-Per-View

    Launch of Pay-Per-View
    The Zenith Phonevision system became the first pay-per-view system tested in the United States of America. Developed in 1949, it used telephone lines to take and receive orders as well as to de-scramble a broadcast signal.
  • First Color Program

    First Color Program
    CBS broadcasts the first color program.
  • Videotape Introduced

    Videotape Introduced
    Bing Crosby Enterprises (BCE), gave the world's first demonstration of a videotape recording in Los Angeles on November 11, 1951.
  • Color Broadcasting Approved.

    Color Broadcasting Approved.
    Color broadcasting officially arrives in the U.S. on Dec. 17, when FCC approves modified version of an RCA system.
  • First Early Morning Network Show

    First Early Morning Network Show
    First came The Morning Show (1954–1956)
  • First Color Commercial

    First Color Commercial
    The Paul Mall Cigarettes commercial was the first color commercial.
  • First all color network

    First all color network
  • Launching of HBO (Home Box Office)

    Launching of HBO (Home Box Office)
    Sometimes A Great Notion is a 1970 American drama film directed by Paul Newman. First launch of HBO.
  • DVD

    The result was the DVD specification Version 1.0, announced in 1995 and finalized in September 1996.
  • Mini DV Introduced

    Mini DV Introduced
    The MiniDV was the first introduced in 1998. It allows you to record 1 hour of video on a cassette about the size of a box of tic-tacs.
  • Digital 8 Released

    Digital 8 Released
    Sony was the first to introduce this format in 1999. It is backwardly compatible, meaning that the new Digital8 camcorders and VCR's will also play 8MM and Hi8 tapes.
  • CD Cam Introduced

    CD Cam Introduced
    Sony rocked the digital camera world with the introduction of the first CD-R-based digicam technology. An extension of Sony's floppy-disk-based Mavica design, the CD1000 incorporated a CD-R drive as its image recording mechanism, storing 156MB of data on each 80mm (roughly 3-inch) CD-R disc.
  • M-PEG 2

    M-PEG 2