Chloe's Timeline

  • Born

    I was born on September 17th, 1998 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
  • Thailand

    As soon as the plane stopped at Thailand, Asia, I knew that visiting my cousins would be fun. My cousins were in Thailand because their dad helps with poor economies, and Thailand was in bad shape. My family and I were going to see temples and buildings. On the way I sat in a stone doorway. We had to take a long bus ride to Myanmar. On the bus women gave my sisters and I oranges because they had never seen American children before. As you can see this was not any normal trip to visit cousins.
  • Gymnastics

    I started gymnastics at Tri County.
  • Louisianna

    I went to Louisianna to visit my cousins, Sarah and Rachel.
  • Exchange Student

    A french exchange student came from Toulouse named Emmylou.
  • Beamer

    Although some would think the day your neighbors cat starts to think he belongs to you would be a good day, your wrong. Our neighbor’s cat is named Beamer. He is naughty, mischievous, and loves to kill animals. If you try to pet Beamer you have to be careful because he bites and scratches. Since Beamer loves to kill animals, we put a bell on his collar so we can hear him wherever he goes so, my family and I can try to prevent it. As you can see the day Beamer came was not exactly a good day.
  • Oregon

    As soon as I heard we were going to Oregon, I was so excited! My family and I were going to Oregon to see my cousins again, Helen and Eric. We were going to go whale watching, go to Japanese gardens, and visit beaches. While whale watching, we saw two whales! We also loved eating saltwater taffies, and Thai food that my Aunt made. Clearly, in Oregon, I had a lot of fun.
  • Phoenix

    Even though some think Phoenix is a boring, deserted place, it is actually an interesting, scenic adventure. My family and I were going to Phoenix to visit my Grandpa and go on hikes. We decided to go on a hike to a place called Robbers Cave. It is called Robbers Cave because some robbers hid there for a while after their robbery. Robbers Cave was very hard to get to, but the cave was covered in cool cave drawings. As you can see, visiting Phoenix was definitely worth it.
  • Feet To Your Faith

    I went to my first Feet To Your Faith church project.
  • Canada

    Although some families travel to warm sunny places on vacations, the Becker family decided not to. Visiting Canada was not an ideal vacation considering all of the cold. My family and I decided to go on a hike up a mountain. The weather was great besides some wind. We really had no idea what we were getting into until, it started SNOWING! Obviously, although Canada is cold and snowy, it really is a great place to have a vacation.