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Olivia Averys Life

  • I was born.

    At 7:20 i was born at Danbury Hospital.
  • Dad & step mom get married.

  • Fist time out of the country.

    i went to the Barbados with a lot of my extended family. not sure of the exact date.
  • First trip to Disney.

    I dont know the exact date.
  • Fallon was born.

    Fallon was born.
    She was
  • I became a certified scuba diver.

    i bbecame a certified scuba diver with P.A.D.I.
  • I move to NY

    I move to NY
  • Color Guard Confrence

    Color Guard Confrence
    Newtown AAA (JV) color guad came second in Junior Varsity (AAA) SWC (South West Confrence) @ Frank Scott Bunnel High School.
  • Indoor skydiving

    it was over memorial weekend. we were in Canada.
  • I start high school.

    I start high school at Lakeland High School.