i was born 1999

  • I was born

  • i broke a storm window for a window well with my face 2002

    i was three i needed stiches
  • first day of kindergarden

    i went to faraview elementry school
  • my cousin through a remote at my head

    my head was gushing blood I didnt need stiches
  • came back to to pulaski school dostric

    i went to hilcrest elementry school
  • i went to madison on a field trip in 4th grade

    When i went to Madison in 4th grade I got to do alot of things. One thing i did was I went to the capital building. When i was there i got to go inside the capital bulding. I got to go in the supreme court during our tour. During our tour we got to go in almost every room in the capital building. It was alot of fun going on the tour with my friends.
  • went to wisconsin dells

    i went with 5 of my cosins and my brother. we went to mount olympus, we went to Nohas Ark, we went to extreme world, e went on the ducks and, many other places.
  • moved back in with my mom

  • went to wisconsin dells

    In wisconson Dells I went to Nohas Ark. In nohas Ark i went on a lot of water slides and in the wave pools. When i went to aligator alley I fed the aligators through tubes. Then i bought a rat for the crocadiles and one of the employis took the rat and through it by the crocidiles. When the crocadiles saw the rat they snaped aroud until one hit it then it just held it in its mouth until it stoped moving. Thats wat i did in Wisconson Dells.
  • first day of middle school