Personal Timeline

By marieg
  • Birth- Age 0

    Birth- Age 0
    Born to eat, sleep and soil diapers
  • Childhood- Age 5

    Childhood- Age 5
    sister and brothers were born. I began to take care of them
  • Age 7

    Age 7
    I began going to school.
  • Age 8

    Age 8
    Played with my dolls and began expanding my vocabulary
  • Age 9-12

    Age 9-12
    babysitting sisters and brothers while taking care of the house and going to school.
  • Age 12-14

    Age 12-14
    Began my years as a teenager hanging out with friends
  • Age 15

    Age 15
    Learned about money and grown up things
  • Age 16-17

    Age 16-17
    I got my first job working as a seamtresss for a company while studying.
  • Age 19-20

    Age 19-20
    I started another job teaching a baking and cooking class.
  • Age 21

    Age 21
    Worked as reginol supervisor for school development.
  • Age 21-22

    Age 21-22
    I began dating and had my first love named MonPrince.
  • Age 23-25

    Age 23-25
    Still employed as supervisor for school maintaing records and students progress as well as insturctors.
  • Age 25-26

    Age 25-26
    I got married to Max Laurore and movede into our own home. Still teaching and supervising at school.
  • Age 26-27

    Age 26-27
    Gave birth to my first daughter name Ismaelite Laurore at 8 lbs 3 oz.
  • Age 27-29

    Age 27-29
    Gave birth to second daugter Johanne Laurore.
  • Age 29-32

    Age 29-32
    Moved to America with family for medical attention for husband who was seriously injured in an automobile accident.
  • Age 30-32

    Age 30-32
    Gave birth to second daughter Shirler Laurore in America in Orlando Regianl Hospital.
  • Age 32

    Age 32
    Started school for fashion desiging and sewing at Orlando Tech. Also took courses for baking and designing cakes.
  • Age 33-36

    Age 33-36
    I graduated from school with my degree and began working as a nurse assistants.
  • Age 42

    Age 42
    Loss my husband to diabetes and other medical complicatiions due to his previous accient.
  • Age 43-44

    Age 43-44
    1st daugher went off to the Army.