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Last Book in the Univers

  • the Rippoff

    the  Rippoff
    Spaz goes and ripps off Ryter "theway I got to know ryter is this:The Bangers sent me to bust him down. As far as I was concermed at the time, he was just another gummy scheduled for cancellation, so why not rip him off?"(p.9)
  • Period: to

    last Book

  • Spaz

    Spaz talked to Ryter about Bean and his elipsy. "The thing that's really important to understand about Bean is that she only sees the good in people and never the bad." (p. 34) " 'Many great humans have been epileptic. It's as if the brain compensates by increasing intelligence and ambition.' " (p.36)
  • The message

    The message
    Spaz finds out that Bean is sick again. " 'Your sister lies close to death,' the runner tells me. 'She wishes to see you one list time. End of message.' " (p.40)
  • The mob

    The mob
    Spaz is almost killed by a mob of angry squatters. " 'Cut his red! cut his red!, ' shouts the 'boxer who started it." (p.52)
  • The pipe

    The pipe
    Spaz and Ryter start traveling through the Pipe. " ' It would still be funtional, exept the main source of water dried up after the Big Shake...' " (p.58)
  • Little Face

    Little Face
    Litte Face joins the jouney. " I rear back with the carrybag and start to swingwhith all my strength 'Chox,' the monster says." (p.65)
  • Attack of the Monkey Boys

     Attack of the Monkey Boys
    The group gets captured by the Monkey Boys. " As the crazy clawed hands reach out to grab us, ryter twisys around and looks me in the eye.' Do not resist.'he warns ' they'll tear limb from limb.' "(p.71)
  • Bean

    Spaz and co. reach Bean just in time. " 'Don't be sorry ,' she says. 'My dad said you couldn't come,but you know what ? He sent for you anyhow.' " (p.141)
  • Eden

    The group takes Bean to Eden. " 'The sky is gray ,' Isay .'evreybody knows that.' 'In the Urb.,' she says,'because of all the smog. In Eden the sky is blue and the grass is green.' " (p.155)
  • Bean is Back

    Bean is Back
    Bean survives the gene tharapy. " But I'm not dreaming. Its true . Bean is back." (p.179)
  • The last book in the universe

    The last book in the universe
    Spaz ,Ryter ,and Bean are sent home; Ryter is Wheeled. "Five houers later,me and Ryter are back inthe stacks,..."(p.208) "The Bangers finally get bored and decide to end it. They gun their engines. The drag rope yanks Ryter and he falls, his frail body spinning away from me. The wheel the life out of him, the, until there's nothing left but a bundle of rags, and broken bones of my old friend."(p.219)