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7 GPR .Timetoast

  • Born

    on the 15th of march a fabluos new baby called William Robert Stadler said hello to the world at 8;23am
  • First Easter

    First Easter
    My first Easter and the first time i meet my cousins who are visiting from Sydney.
  • Learnt to crawl

    Learnt to crawl
    I have learnt to crawl - commando style.
  • My first Christmas

    My first Christmas
  • First swim!

    First swim!
    swimming has all ways been a thing that i enjoyed and i guess i started early.
  • My first camping trip

    My first camping trip
    Camping at a friend's farm in Triabunna
  • first birthday!

    first birthday!
    I finally turned 1 year old
  • Learnt to walk

    Learnt to walk
    I finally started walking everywhere
  • first day of pre school

    pre-kinda at colligate pre school.
  • first day of school

    first day of school
    my first day of school! for me staring a new school was a adventure!
  • First trip to cradel moutain

    First trip to cradel moutain
    it was a nice veiw from dad's back.
  • started playing football

    started playing football
    i found out my destany as a footy player. and ive been obbsessed ever since. aus kick days were good.
  • first dog, Jaffa

    first dog, Jaffa
    mum and dad picked up Jaffa while I was at a party so it was a nice suprise.
  • First trip to Queensland

    First trip to Queensland
    First time to Queensland
  • first surfboard

    first surfboard
    i started to surf on my birthday when i got my board!
  • First AFL match

    First AFL match
    First game of AFL with Sandy Bay Lions.
  • first legit footy goal.

    first legit footy goal.
    One of the big boys kicked the ball to me! to my supise i marked. i backed i was planning to pass it to the player in our team. it was a mirachlious kick going a bout 10 metres. it started rolling through every ones legs at in the goals!!
  • First Ski Trip

    First Ski Trip
    my first ski trip at new zealand for 3 days
  • School Canberra trip

    our year 6 Canberra trip had lots of memorys and fun times
  • first day of high school