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decloration of independence

  • jamestown

    Jamestown Virginia becomes the first the first successful English settlement. this gives colonist a place to live in "the new world" away from direct English rule
  • mayflower compact

    the pilgrims signed the mayflower compact. they were now able to practice their own religion outside of English based religion
  • john Locke

    John Locke contributes to the constitution for the Carolina colony. this alows people in Carolina to officialally become part of the 13 colonies
  • albany congress

    the Albany congress proposes that the colonies unite. the colonies unite to become one nation instead of many
  • stamp act

    the stamp act is passed. britian tried to tax the 13 colonies
  • masacre

    five colonist are killed at the Boston Massacre. the colonies turned against England and started a war
  • tea act

    the tea act is passed. colonist rebel against English taxing. this symbolizes that they are a seperate nation away from english rule
  • battles

    the battles of Lexington and Concord spark the revolution. this war is fought between the colonist and the british of whom they are trying to escape
  • independence

    the Declaration of independence is signed. this enables the colonist to become a nation unto themselves