Meagan's life time line

  • my birthday

    my birthday
    I was born October 3rd 1997.
  • Same day

    Same day
    This doesn't usually happen but me and my cousin Miranda were born on the exact same day. She was born like 2 hours after i was.
  • Goodbye Lecester

    Goodbye Lecester
    in 2002 i left Lecester and all my friends to move all the way to Haywood County and went to Clyde Elementary school.
  • Kindergarden

    I started Kindergarden at Clyde Elementary school!
  • Accident

    In 2005 i broke my arm because i was doing cartwheels in the front yard
  • Pigs KISS KISS! <3

    Pigs KISS KISS! <3
    At Clyde Elementary the school won a bet that if we read enough books that our principal would have to kiss a real live pig and we won! It was so funny!
  • goodbye teacher

    goodbye teacher
    My favorite teacher retired in 4th grade
  • Goodbye pricipal

    Goodbye pricipal
    Also my principal retired too.
  • Argument

    Me and my friend Oliva got in our first argument together.
  • Dad

    My dad past away in september while i was 12 years old. September is only 1 month from my birthday.
  • Middle school

    Middle school
    I started 8th grade