Shiloh's Personal History

By 42435
  • Birth

    I was born in Alaska. We moved to South Dakota shortly after I was born.
  • Brother Corbin Was Born

    Brother Corbin Was Born
    My brother was born. he was born in South Dakota when I was 2.
  • Moved Back To Alaska

    Moved Back To Alaska
    We moved back to Alaska. It was when my brother was two. We moved from South Dakota.
  • first day of kindergarden

    first day of kindergarden
    I started kindergarden. I went to Chugiak elementary in Alaska.
  • Moved to Colorado

    Moved to Colorado
    We moved from Alaska to Colorado. It was a very long drive.
  • Skipped First Grade

    Skipped First Grade
    I skipped first grade halfway through the year.
  • Met My Best Friend

    Met My Best Friend
    I met Sarah in 2nd grade. She is my best friend.
  • Flew Alone On Jet

    Flew Alone On Jet
    I flew alone on a jet for the first time. My brother came with me.
  • Helped My Dad Land Plane

    Helped My Dad Land Plane
    I helped my dad land our small plane for the first time. It was fun, but scary at the same time.
  • Went to Eco Week

    Went to Eco Week
    I went on Eco Week. I had fun hiking with my friends and doing the ropes course. Also, we had a dorm. It was cool!
  • First Day of Middle School

    First Day of Middle School
    I started seventh grade. That was last year!
  • Present Day

    Present Day
    I'm in 8th grade right now. This is present day!