My Life And Junk

  • Got Born

    I was born and stuff
  • Period: to


  • Parents Divorced

    My parents got divorced. It sucked a little bit
  • Met Best Friend

    Met Best Friend
    Met my best friend Rain. Hes good at skateboarding.
  • Dad got in Motercycle Accident

    My dad in motercycle accident while not wearing helmet
  • Kindergarden

    Started kindergarden. Met 3 of my pretty cool friends
  • Started Skating

    Started Skating
    I started skateboarding on christmas. it was pimpin
  • Started Middle School

    I Stated middle school in boulder. Everyone here was in elementary. haha
  • Moved to Fort Collins

    Left Boulder and moved to fort collins
  • Met Liam

    Met Liam
    that sucked
  • Caught my first fly

    It was so killer. i caught the fly and killed it. Ruthless