By geust
  • birth

    I honestly don't remember what happened because I was to young to remember
  • Period: to


  • Moved to Colorado

    Moved to Colorado
    I moved from Washington state to Coloado
  • first trip to hospital

    first trip to hospital
    I was chasing my yellow lab and i tripped and fell and went head first into a coffee table and got a deep ash an inch away from my eye
  • dog died

    dog died
    my dog got hit by a car and got both legs broken and had to skid around like it had worms and we put her down
  • 911

    a Dark day in U.S. history when we were attacked ny two terrorist suicide pilots
  • Got Xbox 360

    Got Xbox 360
    got the Xbox 30
  • became an ucle

    became an ucle
    my neice Issabelle was born and now she is one
  • Got my PS3

    Got my PS3
    I got the latest playstation system
  • Got Wii

    Got Wii
    Got the Wii
  • Present day

    Present day
    just sitting in class doing nothing