grant and the life

  • Period: to

    grant and the life

  • birth

    i was born in fort collins
  • nefew was born

    nefew was born
    a phone call from washington about the good news that my little nefew was born
  • moving to trailer

    moving to trailer
    as we left the tiny apartment behind i was so happy to move. then the trailer came into viw it was bigger than the appartment but still small and yet it was home
  • started school

    started school
    the first day and im so exited this is going to be awsome.
  • moved to a house

    moved to a house
    leaving the trailer after such a short time of living there was not as bad as i thought it would be.
  • neise was born

    neise was born
    my sister sends an urgent call to my mom then the great news broke out in the family its a girl!
  • speared

    yet another fight with my brother but only this one involved weapons then as the steam went down i walked away then it hit me right in the leg.
  • falling out of tree

    falling out of tree
    as the branch on the tree broke i knew i was going to get hurt quite bad
  • skater

    on my tiny poser board i learned toskate the thrill was so great and the exitement oh man i cant even describe it then a new board new tricks! my skater life has just begun
  • started middle school

    started middle school
    urgh grade school was way toomany rules sixth grade was the worst but as i saw the the school of lincon i got so excited.
  • broken

    as i dropped into the bowl with confidence i realized too late that my wheel's bearing was on wrong the there was intense pain