Mason's Timeline

  • Born

    I was born at Mission Hospital in Ashevile. i weighed 7.1 lbs and was 19 3/4in long.
  • Brother Born

    He was born at Mission Hopital in Ashevile to. he weighed 8.1 lbs and was 19.5 inches long
  • Knocked out two front teeth.

    I was about three or four years old and i was standing up in a chair and i tipped over. then i hit my mouth on the floor and my two front teeth were laying on the floor.
  • Started school

    i was starting pre-k at carolina day in asheville. my mom worked there so it was fun getting to see her every day.
  • other brother born

    on this date my little baby brother walker was born. he weighed 9.6 lbs. and was 19.5 inches long.
  • won distric 5 championship

    i was about 8 years old and me and my little legue team were is the championship baseball game. we ended up winning and then going to the state championship in morganton. we got beat in that.
  • broke collar bone

    i was at baseball practice and we were catching fly balls. it was my turn and i dove for a fly ball and landed on my shoulder wierd and my collar bone broke on impact.
  • myrtle beach baseball

    i was playin baseball down in murtle beach at the ripken experience for a whole week. its were all the fields are made to look like major legue stadiums. i was alot of fun and when we werent playin we got to go to the beach!