My Life :).

  • Birthday!

    I was born at Mission.
  • First Day of Kindergarden

    My first day of Kindergarden. I was 6. I went to Leicester Elementary,
  • First Time Going to a Karate Class,

    I was 7. I didn't like it at first, would rather have done other things. Started at Fred Riley's in Canton. After a few weeks I fell in love with the sport.
  • First Karate Tournament.

    I was 8 at the time, I went and competed in 2 divisions, Forms and Sparring, I didn't place in forms but got 3rd in sparring, I liked competing and decided to compete in sport karate on the circut.
  • First World Games.

    I was 8 at my first super grands, and only competed in sparring. I got 7th out of at least 25 kids. It was held in Myrtle Beach, It was so much fun. But that place was so crowded! Knew i couldn't stop,
  • Moved to Canton.

    Started at NCE for the first time. Started 5th grade. I didn't know anyone and started making friends. I loved it over here!
  • Won my first World Title.

    Won my first World Title. I won 2 that year in sparring and weapons. Held in Buffalo, New York. I started getting reconigzed on the NBL circut.
  • Got Baces.

    Got braces!! I liked them but they hurt!
  • First Day at CMS!

    I was 11I loved it here! It was so much fun,
  • Got my Blackbelt.

    I was so nervous! It was amazing though, I accomplished one of my life-time goals. I was 11.
  • Made Cms Volleyball Team.

    I was 12 and was excited I made the team. Our team was amazing and fun/funny! Went 14-2 Conference Champions.
  • Made Cms Basketball Team.

    I was 12. Our team was the bomb! We went 15-1 were West Conference Champions.
  • Won my 4th World Title.

    I won my 4th World Title. This was special to me because it was my first title that i won as a blackbelt indiviually. It was in Buffalo, New York,
  • Track Conference.

    We had the Track Conference Championships at North Henderson. And I won the 600 m. run, the shot put, and the 400 m. relay.
  • Got M y Braces Off!

    I got my braces off :D. I'm still happy.
  • Started 8th Grade.

    Like it. But can't wait for highscholl!!!