My Marvelous Life

  • The day I was born!!!

    I was born in Spring Hope, NC. It is a small town just outside of Rocky Mount, NC. I was 8lbs. 11oz.
  • I Moved...

    I moved from North Carolina to a small town called Baxley, GA.
  • Teeny Miss Treefest

    I won the Teeny Miss Treefest beauty pageant.
  • I'm a big sister!!!

    My first sibling is's a girl!!!!! Her name is Marliegh Christin Meadows.
  • Just Dance!!!!

    I enrolled in dance classes at Gail Hursey School of Dance.
  • School!!!!!!

    I began attending school at Appling Christian Academy.
  • School Swap

    I swapped schools to attend Appling County Elementary School.
  • I'm a Big sister...AGAIN!!!!!

    My second little sister was born. Her name is Mercer Jayden Meadows.
  • I GOT SAVED!!!!!

    I accepted jesus Christ as my Savior, at First baptist Church in Baxely, GA.
  • Middle School

    My first day of the Sixth Grade, at Appling County Middle School.
  • Flute!!!

    I learned to play the flute.
  • I moved...AGAIN

    I left Baxley, GA, after almost !! years and moved to Canton, NC.
  • Eighth Grade

    My first day of eighth grade...