jasons Life

  • i was born

    i was born 8 pounds
  • Period: to


  • sister was born

    sister was born 6 pounds
  • first day of school

    mom stayed with me till i felt comfortable
  • stabbed in eye in kindergarten

    mom came and checked me out. it was a girl who stabbed me
  • 1st grade

    i cant remember anything
  • vacation in florida

    rode on first roller coaster stayed at a awesome hotel
  • 2nd grade

    met my bestfriend ever in the world
  • 3rd grade start of EOG

    best friend same class and teacher aced my EOG
  • 4th grade WRITING TEST

    split up from my friend aces writing test
  • vacation in florida

    stayed at same hotel and went to same park rode on more stuff
  • 5th grade

    cant remember anything
  • parents divorced

  • 6th grade start of middle school

  • 7th grade

  • made chamber singers

  • vacation in charlotte

  • first day of school