Hannah's life

By haynuh
  • I was born!

    At 7:22 pm I was born in Mission Hospital in Asheville.
  • first trip to Mexico

    The first time my parents traveled with me out of the country.
  • My first birthday

    On July 11, 1998 i celebrated my first birthday with friends and family.
  • Got my first pet dog, Lucas

    We adopted my first dog-Lucas, a border collie- when i was two years old.
  • Met my first best friend- Olivia Burnette

    Met the girl who would become the best and closest friend I've ever had.
  • First day of preschool

    I began preschool at age three in Canton, NC.
  • First day of kindergarten

    First day of kindergarten at North Canton Elementary
  • Started taking AIG classes

    Began taking AIG classes in third grade at North Canton Elementary.
  • First trip to California

    First trip to California for Christmas.
  • 10 years old

  • Charelston trip with 5th grade

    My fifth grade teachers organized a trip to Charelston, SC.
  • Space camp with 5th Grade

    North Canton Elementary's AIG class traveled to spacecamp in Huntsville, Alabama.
  • First day at CMS

    Started 6th grade at CMS, with Mrs. Collins as my homeroom teacher.
  • Started playing Clarinet

    Began playing Clarinet in CMS band.
  • Got Edward the EMU

    my pet emu arrived=)
  • Began playing saxaphone

    Began the tenor sax in CMS jazz band
  • Turned 13

    My thirteenth birthday!
  • Started playing piano

    My parents got me a keyboard for my birthday, and i began teaching myself piano.
  • Trip to Massachusettes

    Traveled with my mom to my Aunt Donna's.
  • First day of 8th grade

    First day of 8th grade at CMS
  • Trip to Washington DC

    Trip to Washington DC with CMS band.