My Life

By huntpl
  • The Day I Was Born

    I was born at 6 in the morning on Dec 16th, 1996. I was so small you could put my head in your hand and my feet would barely touch your elbow. I was about 5 pounds.
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    My Life

  • The Day My Brother Was Born

    My brother Jacob was born this day. He was about 8 pounds.
  • Started Soccer

    I started soccer when I was 4 and have played it ever since. I love playing soccer, and i watch and play it all the time.
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    Did Soccer All my Life

    i did soccer all my life since I was 4.
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    Going To Disney All The Time

    I went to Disney World all the time during this time.
  • My Sister Was Born

    My sister Amy was born this day. She was about 9 pounds.
  • Started Kindergarten

    I started Kindergarten at Valleyview in Florida around this time. I lived in Lakeland, Florida for 8 years. Lakeland is about a 30 minute drive away from Orlando.
  • Started 1st Grade

    I started first grade around this time. I was still going to Valleyview.
  • Started 2nd Grade

    I started 2nd grade around this time. Still going to Valleyview which is a year round school.
  • Moved To NC

    I moved to NC in the middle of 2nd grade. I started 2nd grade at Johnathan Valley Elementary school. I also started Rec League soccer.
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    AYSO Rec League

    I did Rec League soccer from the time I moved to NC until the Spring of 2008. I did tournaments in the league.
  • My Brother Was Born

    My brother Aaron was born this day. He was a big baby about 9 pounds.
  • Started 3rd Grade

    I started 3rd grade around this time. It was at Johnathan Valley elementary near Maggie Valley, NC.
  • I Started 4th Grade

    I started 4th grade around this time. I was still attending Johnathan Valley.
  • Started 5th Grade

    I started 5th grade at Central Elementary around this time. It's farther into Waynesville, NC.
  • Started Middle School

    I started 6th grade at Canton Middle School around this time. I was a wittle sixth grader.
  • Disney For A Week

    I went to Disney for a week in January. It was very fun andI liked it alot. We ate at this one resteraunt and it was very very amazing.
  • Williamsburg Trip

    I went to Williamsburg for a week with the Chamber Singers singing group in 7th grade. We went to Busch Gardens and all these other cool places. It was fun.
  • Started 7th Grade

    I started 7th grade around this time. This was a very fun time of my life. I got my first girlfriend around this time.
  • Vacation in Gatlinburg

    I went on vacation in Gatlinburg for a week around this time. We shopped around and went to Splash Country and Dollywood. I got a sword there.
  • UNC Soccer Camp

    I went to UNC for a soccer camp during the summer. It was for about 3-4 days, and we stayed over and had alot of fun.
  • Started 8th Grade

    I started 8th grade this day. Annnndddd that's what I'm doing right at this moment.