Ashley's Timeline

  • My BirthDate

    I was born in the summer of July. My exact birthdate was July 3rd. My mom had me in the evening and I was the second child for her to have. I was actually suppose to be born on July 4th but came a day early.
  • 2000-My brother was born

    My brother was born three years after me. He was the third child of our family. Once he was born I knew he would change my life.
  • Seen the Floods

    Between September 4th and 5th, I witnessed the 2004 floods: Frances and Ivan. We lived above the river so we were not effected. Our cousins lived on an embankment near the river and they were effectedby the water that was had flooded in their road. We saw the debris.
  • I watched my first basketball game

    Sometime in 2005, I went and watched my cousin play basketball. She was at least between 13-15. Once I saw the girls play I knew basketball was the sport I wanted to play.
  • First time camping near a lake

    In 2006 near the time of my birthday I was taken to a campground for the first time. I really enjoyed the experience and have went camping around my birthday every year. I also fished, swam, and tubed for the first time.
  • Went to the Riverbanks Zoo

    I went to South Carolina to go to the riverbanks Zoo. It was a huge Zoo that had an aquarium and a type of flower store. I got to see alot of animals and flowers.
  • Began played Basketball

    I began playing basketball. I have played ever since going on 3 years. I love the sport. I was nervous to start playing but eventually I got into the game of basketball.
  • Began Middle School

    I began middle school back in 2008. I was nervous to come to a different school. The kids were bigger. It turns out I really liked Middle School even though it got harder as each year went by. I met old friends and gained new ones.
  • Crossfire Basketball Game

    Sometime in the fall of 2009, I went and watched Crossfire Basketball play against some players from Duke, Wake Forest, and UNC. I got some players to sign a basketball.
  • Began Playing Soccer

    I signed up for soccer. I have never played before. We are just starting the games and practices now. I've learned alot about dribbling,passing, and kicking. Also i've learned alot about defense and offense.